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Intimacy coaching helps you translate the idea

of "intimacy" into real life connection.

When we have intimacy with all of life,

we are living from a place of deep intuition and alignment.

Simply put, our thoughts, emotions and energy align with our communication-

with our parents, partners & children, to the bees, trees & fish in the sea.

Intimacy is learned by authentic connection. It is a lived experience.

This is why we enter into a "Relationship Lab" together, to learn how to connect with others in real time, so you can ask questions and fully integrate new tools & apply them to real world experiences.

If you are struggling with finding deeper connection, communication & intimacy

in your life, I would be honored to walk along side you as a guide in mapping your internal world, where you will gain the courage and confidence

to share yourself with the world around you.

Coaching Philosophy


Our throat center is where we bring our internal world- outside.

Image by Ira E

Humans have developed a magical superpower of speech. This technology to express spoken language, that no other species has, can bring deep connection or disconnection. 

When we mismanage this magnificent tool, repressing our feelings or lashing out, we fall out of communication integrity and loose our precious vital energy.


Practicing dropping into the somatic experience in our bodies and learning to speak from the heart allows for connection and understanding while becoming a vehicle for truth telling.


Sharing and receiving honest communication and feedback without criticism and defensiveness is an ever evolving art form.  Yet, with practice we can navigate this skill gracefully from the workplace to the dining room table. 

intimacy & relationships


The only thing you should take personally is love.

Intimacy begins with Self. The person that will love you the most in your life is YOU. 

Developing intimacy with yourself opens the door to deepening all relationships, whether it is with family, friends, romantic partners, work partners, the natural world.

Intimacy can also be incredibly scary. Opening ourselves to connection is a vulnerable act. We must open our energy system to give and receive, like an ocean wave coming in and out to sea. Learning to do this with agency, safety, intention and boundaries is key to intimate connection.

I work with individuals & couples to learn the art of conflict & repair, feeling and expressing emotions, trigger & boundary mapping, speaking our truth, understanding sexual desire/ low desire. With these tools you'll be able to navigate the terrain of any relationship, especially the one you have with yourself. 


health & wellbeing


The body knows how to heal. It's our job to get out of the way.

Image by Andrew Svk

Years ago I was challenged with a health issue that doctors didn't understand. They scratched their heads and sent me home.


I learned quickly that if I was going to heal, I had to learn to deal with the mismanaged energy in my body.


I spent 6 months in bed learning how to heal myself.

When I shifted the energy in my body, healing came. But I had to go against the grain - blocking out people's opinions, changing my perspectives and basically banning myself from googling anything.

If you're feeling stuck and ready to surrender and let go, so healing can rush in, Wellbeing Coaching is an approach where we focus on vitality and not on dis-ease.  By shifting our vibration and perspective on illness and tapping into deep creative wisdom, we will learn to receive beautiful and endless abundant health.




Let color show you the way

Using art as a healing modality goes to places in the subconscious that the thinking mind can not reach. This modality is magic for those of us that tend to overthink.


When we disengage from the critical brain and drop into our creative center we can re-pattern and reprogram our lives through the powerful tool of creativity.


If you are have tried other forms of talk therapy & looking ways to rewire your brain for more harmony, release of troubling emotional blocks, improved health and wellbeing, the expressive arts are a soft place to land in areas that can be hard to talk about. 

*There is absolutely NO art education required for this modality. In fact it works wonders with those who have never dabbled in the arts.

* Offered as solo sessions or group workshops

expressive healig arts
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