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Creativity is your birthright.
The Little Things Journal
Image by Marnie Rochester
"Scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain. unless it is done in play, in which case it only takes 10 - 20 repetitions." - Karyn Purvis

The Little Things Journal is a tool that allows our over focused minds to relax and move away from scanning our environment for negative experiences to allowing more joy in small and big moments. This powerful practice literally rewires our nervous systems to recalibrate to greater states of presence, health, well being and higher states of intuition and bliss. In turn, everything around you will begin to appear differently.

Human beings in the western world have been using our brains incorrectly for hundreds and hundreds of years and most are only truly present to the magic of our lives for seconds a day. We overthink, over process and over analyze. This does not harmonize with the natural function of our bodies' energy centers, leading to rumination, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Bringing this energy into the body and releasing it through playful exercises is a fast track to expanded states of consciousness, revealing wellsprings of joy right below the surface.
The power of Group Workshops:

I have witnessed some of the most profound transformations in a group setting. After studying Collective Presencing work I fell in love with the way groups hold and transmute energy and ideas. Much of this work is unseen, but deeply felt. 

There is a third element that comes alive in group work, that is like a wave carrying the energy forward. As a facilitator I am very humbled by this intelligence and respectfully follow where it leads while always maintaining a safe space for sharing and silence. 

My teacher used to say of group work- "Take what you need and offer what you can." It truly is that simple. 

If you have a group of people you would like to work with, feel free to reach out to schedule your custom built workshop.


Interested in booking a private session?

All sessions are built around your personal needs and curiosities. At times people can feel reluctant or shy to jump into creative exploration. Just remember, each day you are a creative being - by making a delicious meal, writing a card to a friend, taking a new way home from work. Creativity is embedded in our every step. It is our birthright. Not one moment goes by that you are not the artist of your life.

During our initial conversation, we will co-create a custom session based on your interests and goals with room to explore during our session. I always leave lots of space for mystery, which is the life force of creativity. 

All art materials will be provided if you are doing an in person session. All you have to do is come and play.

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