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WELCOME! So glad to connect with you here. 


Hi, I'm Jasmine, but please call me Jazzy. 

I am here to remind you, you are a magnificent being. That our true nature is to live in joyful expansion. AND also embrace that expansion can be utterly painful.


To anyone who has birthed a child, birthed a business, changed life paths or had a health crisis, we can attest that expansion can have us all facedown in the mud.

Living as an artist and coach, I have grown to see challenges through a lens of possibility, and on a good day, find the beauty hidden inside. It is my hope this work will help to grow new perceptions and possibilities around the pain and joy of expansion for you as well, so that we can embrace more of our beautiful messy life each day. 


My journey has felt a lot like Dorthy in the Wizard Of Oz.


I came to this healing work like most people, through my own challenges, both with health and relationships. I found myself in the weeds, struggling for years to deal with anxiety, to communicate better with the people in my life, understand my own triggers, patterning and burn out.

I was a chronic people pleaser, highly sensitive and felt and overthought SO much of the time. It was exhausting. 


Through my journey, I collected tools along the way. Getting my Masters in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology, Somatic Intimacy and Relationship coaching and Shamanic apprenticeships at Kripalu; tools that surprisingly were some of the same things I practiced as an artist early on in life. In many ways it has felt like a home coming, yet with more awareness and self compassion.


Understanding my attachment style, needs, desires, fears, triggers and boundaries have helped bring so much grounding and self awareness, softening my experience of my challenges in life.


I deeply believe that beauty can heal in ways we can't imagine. Below are some of the beautiful moments I captured as a photographer. I hope you can find a beautiful moment today, however small, and hold it close.