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Creativity is your birthright.
Healing Arts Session
Image by Paige Cody
"You can not approach trauma with trauma. You must approach trauma with beauty." - Bonnie Roy

We are not meant to face life's challenges alone. After navigating my own healing journey, I found the warmth of community and freedom of creative outlets were imperative in reprogramming my limiting and painful beliefs and providing somatic experiences to prime my body's vibration for peace and wellbeing.

Everything is an idea before it becomes a reality. The same is true for our health and life experiences. Creative play is a gateway to the land of ideas and makes visible the hidden beliefs of the subconscious mind. It is a fun and easy way to directly access our internal playground where intuitive guidance, joy and health are eternal. It creates a channel to dive into unlearning, unconditioning and unburdening the psychic structures that often keep us stuck. 

I offer a variety of creative and earth wisdom traditions as a guide. Through these modalities we dive in, exploring your own innate wisdom and felt sense where fresh springs of energy dance in celebration as they are invited to flow. 
Interested in booking a session?

All sessions are built around your personal needs and curiosities. At times people can feel reluctant or shy to jump into creative exploration. Just remember, each day you are a creative being - by making a delicious meal, writing a card to a friend, taking a new way home from work. Creativity is embedded in our every step. It is our birthright. Not one moment goes by that you are not the artist of your life.

During our initial conversation, we will co-create a custom session based on your interests and goals with room to explore during our session. I always leave lots of space for mystery, which is the life force of creativity. 

All art materials will be provided. All you have to do is come and play.

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