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As we expand our global imagination, all things are possible


Magic is Everywhere

I have a sense that our awakening is not just our own, but rooted to our Mother, Earth. As she awakens, we awaken as part of her vast network of life. Walking the earth with deeper awareness, awakening and honoring  the great mystery, we discover magical portals and communication right under our feet.

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BLURPRINT films was created to assist in our global remembering of the incredibly powerful and vast connection we have always had with each other and to all sentient beings. We explore the human experience and our natural world through a lens of animation, believing all things are animate. In its most basic description, animate means "simply alive". Rocks, dirt and beloved objects that appear still in physical space, are filled with sacred life and moving energy, even though our human senses are often not attuned to receive this information. We believe that in taking the time to notice, awaken and fall deeply in love with the mystery and aliveness of life, we brighten and renew our ability to perceive reality and reveal latent human superpowers and a world beyond our wildest dreams. As we expand our global imagination, all things are possible.


Jasmine Tara Photography


BLUEPRINT films draws upon new science emerging in neurocardiology & quantum physics that mirrors the ancient Indigenous wisdom & technologies across the world. The stories gathered relate to everyday human challenges of forgiveness, self worth and conflict to help audiences learn emotional and spiritual tools we need in our world today. Our goal is to bring you outside of the box thinking and insight to develop our new human story. We hope you will join us on the adventure of OUR lifetime.

Enjoy this BLUEPRINT film trailer

featuring photos I took while traveling abroad.

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