Magic Is Everywhere

Exploring and honoring the mystery and awakening of magical portals in nature & ourselves

Tropical Leaves


So often I have heard someone start a story with “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” only to share the most beautiful and profound experiences of connection, communication and love amongst nature and our human family.


Stories of communion with whales, plants, worms, rain, birds and the energetic realm, offer magical portals to other dimensions of knowing and relating to the vast network of life we experience as part of our Mother, Earth. 

As an artist and filmmaker I am sending out an invitation to anyone who would love to share their experiences so we may have a kaleidoscope of magic to enjoy, to share with others and to normalize these marvelous everyday wonders.

Interested in participating?

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Crystal Salt


I have a sense that our awakening is not just our own, but rooted to our Mother, Earth. As she awakens, we awaken as part of her vast network of life. Walking the earth with deeper awareness, awakening and honoring  the great mystery, we discover magical portals and communication right under our feet.

Image by Jeff W