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Jasmine Tara Photography

Your Story

Telling your story is so important. Expressing the "WHY" behind your dream that turned into your business or studio or organization creates a resonance that allows future clients to find exactly what they are looking for. With this connection a harmonic relationship is able to blossom and allows your gifts to shine.

Showing Up

Whether you are feeling a bit shy or downright excited to market your work or a mixture of both, I know the feeling. I absolutely understand that showing up can feel overwhelming. With over 12 years of experience helping to relax and find playfulness with my clients, I guarantee we will be laughing throughout the process. We will take the time to talk through any areas of resistance

and find our flow. 

My process in showing up for you is a deeply intuitive dive into listening to what is important to you and asking more questions. I have an unending curiosity about people and am honored to hear your stories. I have had the pleasure of interviewing over 100 holistic professionals, professors and leaders in integrative health, consciousness studies, coaching and education.


Jasmine Tara Photography


Jasmine Tara Photography

Custom Packages

Each custom package is built by setting up a consultation about what your needs are and

aligning with your values and aesthetics.


Below is an outline of possible options:



- Headshots

- Lifestyle photography

(candid shots in your work environment,

with colleagues and family members)



- Zoom interview with B-roll/music 

- In person interviews and personalized B-roll footage

- Short animation for quick form marketing

- Editing existing footage


Elegantly curated graphics

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Past Clients & Publications include:
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